Cut, Copy, and Paste – the First Steps to Marketing Automation

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Automation is not a new thing.

It’s not even part of a new technological development era.

Automation began as soon as the first signs of technology appeared.

For as long as humans have interacted with computers, there was automation. These three commands – cut, copy, and paste – are, in fact, the first steps toward marketing automation.

Cut would stop you from manually deleting each word/photo/file and having to start work all over again.

Copy was a great fella when you wanted the same content more than twice without writing it again and again and again… You know how it went. But do you truly know how much time copy actually saves you? Think about all the times you had to move text to another document. Imagine actually having to write everything again. 😱

And the good old paste. Basically nothing without cut or copy, but the most important one so you don’t lose your data. Have you ever cut a piece of text and forgot to paste it? 😱 It was gone forever. It happened to me.

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Rapid Fire Technique for SEO Outreach

Photography (2)

Promotion is just as important as content is.

Definition: A technique* for SEO outreach that is meant to create a boost in social media engagements and organic website traffic as soon as an article is published through quick and efficient promotional activities. Methods used: social media sharing, re-posting, and immediate outreach.

*prototype status

You’ll no longer need to waste time waiting to see the article’s ranking before starting its promotion.

Steps to take for a successful implementation of this technique:

1⃣ Research the current market and the possibility to rank for a keyword or use the spontaneous content technique I’ve talked about previously.

2⃣ Write the goods (that is the content)

3⃣ Publish the goods.

4⃣ Get to promoting: share it on all social media accounts, re-post it (websites such as Medium or Quora blogs), and use pre-created outreach templates to get mentions and backlinks. For the last step, you should also have a list of publications or influencers ready at any time.

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Spontaneous Content – A Concept

spontaneous content concept

❗️Content marketing is not all about planning.

What I define as spontaneous content is using a continuous flow of thoughts to create a piece of content. Without additional research or topic analysis, ideas are put down (on paper or virtually) as soon as they have been thought of. This serves the writer’s need to share his voice regarding a specific subject and the reader’s wish to hear an honest opinion at the same time. Spontaneous content is perceived as such but it can also be regarded as careless and useless.

Definition: The act of writing content without prior planning or dwelling. All pieces of writing are written on the spot to fulfill the psychological, emotional, or physiological need of the writer or of a fictional reader. Spontaneous content is inspired by private or public real-time events.

How do you use spontaneous content?



Create Your Own Coloring Book With Canva – Design Tutorial

Create Your Own Coloring Book With Canva

If you don’t want to spend money on expensive coloring books and you want to create your own book for relaxation, you can use Canva as a free graphic design tool and make your own coloring book for children or adults in just minutes.

I have prepared some easy steps for you to take when you create your first coloring book or pages:

1. Plan your coloring book. Decide upon a theme, an approximative number of pages, your target audience (children, adults, or both), price, distribution channels, etc.

2. Set the correct size for your template. The usual size of an e-book is 1,200 x 2,500 pixels, but it can vary according to your needs:


Also, you can choose from a series of pre-defined formats:

Canva format

Pick a given template or start your own coloring book from scratch. Look for inspiration with Canva’s Design Templates.

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How to Create a Free E-Book for Children With in Just 4 Steps + “The Story of Life” E-Book

Whether you are a parent, an educator, or anyone who’s working with kids, you might have previously looked for ways in which you can create educational or fun materials tailored to the needs of the children you’re sharing them with.

If you’re looking to create your own free book or e-book, you can use Canva to do just this and I have 4 quick steps for you:

1. Find a theme for your book. Currently, Canva allows users to find even free photos and illustration. For this tutorial, we are going to choose the “circus” theme.

canva ebook circus

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Depression facts: can you identify suicide warning signs?

! If you’re dealing with depression or suicidal thoughts, please seek the help of a professional or even of your family and friends as soon as possible.

Hi guys,

I’m back with another article from the “Depression facts” series and this time, seeing that depression and suicide are still on the rise, I’m writing about how you can identify risk factors and signs of suicidal thoughts before it’s too late. Knowing how to detect such signs as early as you can will make the difference between life and death.

You may be here because you’re trying to help someone or maybe you’re just trying to understand your own thoughts and actions. Either way, I have some straight-to-the-point facts that can help you notice early signs of suicidal behavior:

1. Talking often about wanting to die. If somebody mentions death, suicide, or other related subjects, way too often, try to discuss these issues with them. Suicide-related talks are often neglected but they are the first and most common sign of future suicide.

2. Not being afraid. If you see that all of a sudden the person you’re worried about wants to do dangerous things or is not afraid anymore of what he/she was scared to do in the past, it might just be another warning sign. Another warning sign is losing interest in their previous passions and interest.

3. Sharing, liking, or commenting on social media posts related to suicide, death, depression, loneliness, mental disorders, etc. Even occasional posts like these can be a warning sign. People who have committed suicide in the past have often posted such content on their social media accounts before their death. In such cases, suicide can be prevented if you learn to notice these hints.

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Take This Email Marketing Survey to Contribute to the Next Email Statistics

I’m conducting this survey to check whether emails are still effective in marketing and to see if people are aware of basic email security features. Check this blog again to see the results.

Complete this short survey to contribute to the analysis of today’s email marketing state and to email safety.


What Unemployment Taught Me About the Labor Market

If you’re a recent graduate who is facing a labor market that’s developing at a rapid pace, you might be looking for some useful tips to help you cope with temporary unemployment. As a fresh owner of a Bachelor’s degree, I have learned myself about the harsh reality of the job market and I’m here to assure you that everything’s going to work positively for you if you’re able to make the right decision at the right time.

That is why I’ve got just the support you need with the following reality checks, pieces of advice, and unemployment benefits:

The reality is that no matter how qualified you are, nobody will pay attention to you unless you do something with your knowledge. Offer to do things for free. Make a logo, write an article, translate a text, volunteer, write a review, anything that suits your interest. Don’t be afraid to leave a mark. Crave change and do something notable.

Make a name for yourself. Establish your presence in the labor market be it online or in your local business network.

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Emblem Review – Brand and Logo Design


Why Udemy’s Communication Tools Are Better Than Any Email Service Provider

Why Udemy's Communication Tools Are Better Than Any Email Service Provider

As a Udemy instructor myself, I have the duty to ensure that my students get a full learning experience. Lectures, quizzes, and assignments are sometimes not enough for this. This is why I use Udemy’s communication via email service to provide my students with the latest news, tips, and tricks.

People often look at Udemy as just a simple platform for posting your online courses. However, few know that it is actually a great tool to interact with people and even to send emails.

Currently, Udemy allows you to send only educational, promotional, and automated messages.

Educational announcements

This kind of messages can help you complete your course with more useful information and resources. If you’ve left something unsaid during the course, you can use educational announcements to ensure the clarity of your course.

It gets better:

Another way of using these email announcements is to boost learner engagement. For this, Udemy has a great segmentation feature that you can use to target specific users. What is more, you can also see the influence of your course announcements. Some of the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that can help you understand your learners and improve your communication with them include open rates, click-through rates, unique views, and even unsubscribe rates.

Alternatively, you can include or exclude students who are enrolled in specific courses and you can also target students who have enrolled during a certain time frame.

segmentation on Udemy

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