Why LinkedIn Is The Best Social Networking Site

LinkedIn is a business-centered website for professional multilingual networking. The site makes connecting on a global level easier than ever before. LinkedIn is used by both companies and individuals to establish new connections. Employers use this service to find and recruit suitable employees and vice versa. Compared to a traditional résumé, a LinkedIn profile allows you to fully showcase your skills, education, experience, projects, publications, courses, certifications, and online course certificates. With the help of a free account you can:

  • become a part of the largest community for professionals in a wide range of fields, connect and get in touch with them when all other methods fail
  • get in touch with millions of people worldwide
  • find the best people in your field of interest
  • exchange messages and contact information
  • develop your communication skills
  • become a part of a formal environment
  • promote your company or your services
  • increase your business’ revenue
  • find new volunteering and job opportunities
  • join interest groups and grow your network
  • find employees or employers
  • follow companies, influencers (i.e., influential people), news, and schools
  • share your profile with more people
  • connect with people you may now and ask a mutual connection to introduce you to them
  • stay in touch with your coworkers
  • find talent and sales solutions
  • connect your LinkedIn profile to your other social media accounts
  • share presentations using SlideShares
  • add links to your projects
  • stay away from the distractions provided by other social media sites

Not having a LinkedIn account reduces your presence in the business’ social media network, and lowers your chances of getting a job in the desired field. You can use this online service to build your career credentials and to develop your professional social network. Join now!

Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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