Free Poetry Ebook – “One Hundred and More”

I first published these poems on DeviantArt, but I decided to put them all in one place and write this ebook. Thus, this 72-page ebook is a collection of my work from the past five years. I divided the ebook into two parts: Free Verse Poetry and Haiku. I started writing these poems as a 100-poems challenge, which I started in 2011, and so I used my poetry’s beginnings as inspiration for the title: “One Hundred and More“. If you want to find out more about my poetry journey on DeviantArt, check out my previous post: 12 Things I Learnt During My 5-Year Experience On DeviantArt

This ebook is for any romance or free verse poetry lover who is looking to find his/her own experience in someone else’s poetry. Also, if you like Japanese poetry, I encourage you to take a look at the second part of the ebook, and maybe try writing haiku poems yourself.

You cand download the poetry collection ebook here: one-hundred-and-more-e-book or you can view it on Scribd. No email required.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

©I own full rights to the poems and photos.



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